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Gases have a broad application spectrum within the leisure and entertainment business. One of their best-known uses is perhaps in fizzy drinks. At hotels, restuarants, bars, cinemas and parties, carbon dioxide is used to carbonate soft drinks and beers sold under familiar brand names. The owners of these brands require a predictable, pure supply of food-grade carbon dioxide to maintain quality and protect their brand value. For managers in the catering sector, safety and ease of service are key success factors.

Gases are also used for outdoor entertainment. For instance, gas-powered patio heaters can heat outdoor spaces and gas-fired barbecues are popular in both home and professional catering settings. And on the leisure front, helium balloons are a popular addition to any party. Hobby sports such as scuba diving also rely on gases. In these segments, convenience, safety and portability are key requirements.

Understanding your needs

At Afrox, we understand that needs vary widely within the leisure and entertainment business. So we tailor our products and services to individual requirements. Our hospitality offering, for instance, combines in-depth expertise with tried-and-tested products and gas management services to help outlets of any size realise their safety, purity and manageability targets. Safety audits, ongoing maintenance and training give restaurant and bar managers complete peace of mind.

If you are interested in party balloons or recreational diving, you can rely on conveniently packaged, easy-to-use, portable products backed up by delivery services and extensive, transparent safety information.